I thought it’d be cool to have some snippets of my writing projects here.


Have a read of this script. It’s a comedy short called THE WORST SPY IN BRITAIN. It’s about… well… the worst spy in Britain. Amanda, our intrepid hero, has grappled with the burden of keeping her identity a secret for years. But now her life hangs in the balance, and it’s time to finally let her family know the truth.


(I really want to make this film. Just throwing that out there. We have everything but our lead in place. I’m hoping to get it filmed before the end of 2017 so watch this space, I guess.)


I wrote a YA thriller called BROKEN LIKE ME. It was the manuscript that caught my wonderful agent’s eye and it’ll always have a soft spot in my heart. Alexi is a psychopath, but not in a Hollywood, knife-wielding kind of way – not yet, at least. He just has a few missing pieces: love, empathy, compassion. He’s great at pretending to be a Normal Person, but his mask meets a true test when he stumbles upon the body of the dead girl on his way to college one morning.

Here are the first two chapters.

PDF: BROKEN LIKE ME – Emily Lowrey


In 2017, I hit a personal goal of completing my first million manuscript words. It isn’t strictly a writing sample, but I made a short film to celebrate the moment.