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13 Drafts?!

So you maaay have noticed I’ve been AWOL for the last two weeks? I’ve been working hard on my editorial notes these last few weeks. I’ve been tip-toeing towards finally having this manuscript ready to...


Tips for project hopping

Project hopping isn’t ideal, but at some point in your writing future you’re going to have to project-hop. I have become the reluctant master of this in the past year. Here are some tips...


A bit about me

About me Hi! I’m Emily Lowrey, (27 )28, write YA and adult contemporary fiction from Merseyside, UK. Current reading status: Gillian Flynn is my literary crush right now, because wow.


Writer’s Purgatory

Over the years, I’ve sent a fair bit of writing to Purgatory. You know, that place on your harddrive where lame ideas go to die? Where you take a look around every once in...