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THE TRESPASSER – Tana French REVIEW *spoiler free*

Let’s set the scene: I am such a huge fan of Tana French. I love her Dublin Murder Squad series. Like, a lot. Like, you WILL get these books thrown at you at some point if we are IRL friends. So, needless to say, when I got my hands on […]

Top 5 Adult books I’ve read this year

This has been an awesome year for reading! I’m totally cheating a little bit with this list (you’ll see why) but It’s my list so nurrr. Here are my top 5!

My book ratings explained

I suppose the ratings we give things differs from person to person. Here are what my ratings mean:

Why Tana French is awesome

I read 4 books this month. And… err… 3 of them were Tana French. She is officially my new Literary Crush. Wow. I could not put her books down at all this month (and the first book I read in August? You guessed it!) I can’t recommend her highly enough. Husbind […]