Liverpool Photo Walk

This was a bit lazy of me, I admit, as I work in Liverpool. But it really is a beautiful place.

Photo walk: Chester

Chester is always a fun place for a photo walk. Armed with my stock lens and my 16mm fisheye. The cathedral, the wall, the cute tame squirrels… what’s not to love?

My fave shots of 2014

2014 was a weird year of photography, for me. I’ve been paid more than ever before, and never been without work. However, I think it’s gone too far in that direction. I didn’t really take my cameras out for fun all that much in 2014, and really, without the fun, […]

Travel blog: Welcome To Miami

 We did the most monumentally stupid thing. We got to the hotel early, threw our bags in, jumped in a taxi and went to party on down at the beach because Spring Break duuudes, and also St Patricks day (which is a big thing there for some unknown reason? We drank green […]