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So I went to Naples with my dad. We’re both big photography nerds, so we thought we’d unburden the rest of our family and go on a dedicated nerdy photography holiday together.

Pentax Q – Back from the wild

So I’m back from Canada, and I have fell completely in love with this little camera! It is superb for street photography. Usually, I feel a bit self conscious with a fecking huge slr trying to not disturb candid scenes happening around me.  This is not a problem in the slightest with the Pentax Q…. Read More

Pentax Q takes on Canada – Day 1

I am testing out my new baby whilst on holiday for the next few days. I don’t have my laptop with me so these pics are all camera and ipad mini. Just off the plane a few hours ago, soooo sleepy! Here are random pics. Better ones, where I am actually seeing sights, to follow.