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Pentax Q – Day One Photos

So I didn’t go anywhere exciting, but I couldn’t resist having a go of my new gadget. New – better – photo examples will follow soon  :0) Of course, I started in the garden. Riveting.

The Pentax Q – the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!!

I only heard about this camera about a week ago – the worlds smallest interchangeable lens camera. As any of my friends and family would tell you, I have a “thing” for small cute gadgets. This discovery luckily coincided with me realising that I had a relatively expensive camera sat gathering dust as a “backup… Read More

Photography, and growing, and all that.

I used to be afraid of poking my camera out in public. seriously. I went to the Southport fair once with my dad, for a photo trip, and he took great photos of the waltzer spinning and the lights and all the hustle and bustle… and I just sort of stood there. I came back… Read More