Need a Nanowrimo pep-talk? Here’s a Nanowrimo pep-talk

Nano is occurring! I can’t believe it’s Nanowrimo again! It’s day 11, I’ve just passed 30k, and right on cue, I’m getting creeping doubts. What if I’ve written too many dialogue-heavy scenes? All my crazy cats seem to be doing is talk-talk-talking. What if there’s too much info-dumping? What if […]

BRB – Nanoing, also kitten wrangling

It’s the final stretch for this year’s Nanowrimo, and I’m mega busy. So just a quick update, today. I have “won” Nano (YAY) and I’m plugging away hard at reaching my stretch target of 65kish words. I’m at 56k so far with four days to go. (Three of which, I’m […]

Playing to your writing strengths is DUMB

Playing to your writing strengths and weaknesses is a great thing. Have a think about it now. What do you do well? What do you suck at? I think I know mine pretty well: