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To ‘Shop or not to ‘Shop?

To Shop or not to Shop? From time to time I dabble with photography. I really enjoy taking my camera about with me and seeing what I can see, or making my friends do daft...


“Every Little -Wait, WHAT?”

After a monster birthday weekend, I’ve officially started my diet. My first weigh in was… um… shocking, to say the least. I’m a thinking I need to lose a good 20lbs. That’s my first...


Nigerian Scammers!!

So, as some of you know from a previous blog, I have stuff for sale on Ebay and Amazon. (Running total: currently 6 sales, £535 in the bank so not doing too bad!)


2011 – best year ever.

2011 I’m not quite ready to let go of this year just yet. It was the absolute best of my life so far. The best. Better than I ever anticipated or planned for. It...