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Doing the photography for Papa Roach in 2015…

So, in 2004, when everything was in black and white, and my sixteen-year-old self rocked some facial piercings and jeans so baggy you could clean the floor with them… I watched my first ever live gig. In 2015 I got to photograph them as part of my job!

To ‘Shop or not to ‘Shop?

To Shop or not to Shop? From time to time I dabble with photography. I really enjoy taking my camera about with me and seeing what I can see, or making my friends do daft things:- I also enjoy editing them afterwards. But how much ‘Shop is too much?

The Vegas Blog 1 – Welcome to Paradise

In 2010, a flippant quip (“We should just sod it and get married in Vegas!”) became reality. Christopher and I had been together for 9 years, and we thought it would be cool to get married on our 10 year anniversary. We originally started planning a what-was-expected-of-us British wedding, but it soon became frustrating rather than… Read More