My fave shots of 2014

2014 was a weird year of photography, for me. I’ve been paid more than ever before, and never been without work. However, I think it’s gone too far in that direction. I didn’t really take my cameras out for fun all that much in 2014, and really, without the fun, […]

A bit about me

About me Hi! I’m Emily Lowrey, (27 )28, write YA and adult contemporary fiction from Merseyside, UK. Current reading status: Gillian Flynn is my literary crush right now, because wow.

Travel Blog: Vegas… again… bigger, drunker, and more broke

Man, is it possible to drink away an entire week? Anyway, we went back to Vegas a year later for our wedding anniversary. We went all out – real fancy pants. We booked a front row show at Cirque Du Soleil “O”. And being the grown ups that we are, […]