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Flip the coin: social anxiety and stuff

Flip the coin. It’s a motto I have. I don’t speak about it much (in a serious way) but I suffer sometimes from social anxiety. Something as simple as meeting a new person, or going to a new job (which, as a photographer happens, like, twice a week, so yay life choices) can sometimes be… Read More

Scary cool things from around the world

Me and my buddies try and do as many “scary” things as we can. We usually book holidays around those things. Here are some of our faves! (featuring an old band track on which I play the drums) Under the cut for a review of my top 10 1) The Stratosphere Sky Jump – Las… Read More

2011 – best year ever.

2011 I’m not quite ready to let go of this year just yet. It was the absolute best of my life so far. The best. Better than I ever anticipated or planned for. It was just life changing.