Here are some of my favourite projects.

Travel Showreel – a compilation of some of the most beautiful places I’ve seen.



Wedding Videography Showreel – A little two minute example from a lovely wedding in 2016. Many more on the way from the 2017 season. The Make Life Memorable Photography Website is here, if you’re curious.



Corporate Video – I’m totally cheating with this one. It’s the intro video I made for my own photography company, Make Life Memorable Photography.



Short Films


MOVING ON – COMPLETE! MOVING ON is a short film about a woman who goes on a date with a significant someone from her past. Someone with a secret. Will clearing the air help her move on at last, or only make things worse?


I have (yet another!) YouTube Channel for this stuff, over at LoneScul Productions. There’s short films and behind the scenes fun.

THE INEXPLICABLE FIGHT SCENE – Completed! It’s a very short Short. Loads of fun to make!



WITHOUT EVER SEEING ANYTHING NEW – Short Narrative Film – It’s a poem I wrote set to visuals. I like it a lot, though of course I am bias 🙂


LOBSTER – Status: COMPLETED!  LOBSTER is a horror comedy about a woman who is hunted down and brutally murdered by a lobster fridge magnet. Yes, really. Written and directed by yours truly.





I run three YouTube channels for my sins. One, very imaginatively named Emily Lowrey, is a vlog-style channel where I share my travels and my writing journey, and more recently my narrative/poetry short films. It’s all a bit mish-mash, and loads of fun. Here’s one of my favourite vlogs where me and my best buds recently tackled one of the scariest hikes in the world, Angels Landing, in Zion National Park, Utah.


I also made this short film to celebrate completing my first one million manuscript words.



My other channel is called MICRO FOUR NERDS, where I discuss lots of nerdy camera stuff. Here’s my review of the micro four thirds system for travel photography.


Then there’s LoneScul Productions – where I put up the short films I make with my best friend Emma. There’s loads of fun behind the scenes videos here too! Like this: