BRB – Off to Naples!

I am absent this lovely Friday, for I am in Italy on a photography holiday with my dad! There shall be lots of blogs, vlogs, and of course photographs on the way shortly. I’m going to Pompeii, too. Did I mention that? Allofthe pretty. Eeeek with a side of YAY!

How I Get More Stuff Done.

It’s no secret that most writers have full time jobs. Lots of us have families and other commitments too. So it can all become a juggling act sometimes. I’ve got two jobs. One full time, and one seasonal, which sure is FUN let me tell you. I also try to […]

My awfully common school experience

There are a lot of awesome schools in YA, where the canteen food is nice, and the classrooms aren’t falling to pieces. Where characters can hang out in the bathrooms without catching one or several life-threatening diseases. This was not my school experience.

Book signings, writing panels, Sci-Fi Weekender, Oh my!

What have I been up to recently? Well… I went to the #BeTrueToYourself book signing in L1 Waterstones last week, which was wonderful. The writers were Jandy Nelson, Sara Bernard, and Lisa Williamson, and panelled by Cathy Cassidy.

The Writer’s Cycle – The Good Stuff

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog about the negative swing of the writer’s cycle. I was being a big old Debbie Downer, so I thought I’d write the counter article: the good stuff!

What body parts do you need to bust ghosts?

I feel a rant coming on. I’ve got my ranting socks pulled up to my knees and I’m ready to go. OK. Consider yourself forewarned. Let’s talk about the new Ghostbusters trailer — you know, the one with all the kick-ass ladies in it? — this has brought out the […]