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Photo walk: Chester

Chester is always a fun place for a photo walk. Armed with my stock lens and my 16mm fisheye. The cathedral, the wall, the cute tame squirrels… what’s not to love?

Doing the photography for Papa Roach in 2015…

So, in 2004, when everything was in black and white, and my sixteen-year-old self rocked some facial piercings and jeans so baggy you could clean the floor with them… I watched my first ever live gig. In 2015 I got to photograph them as part of my job!

My fave shots of 2014

2014 was a weird year of photography, for me. I’ve been paid more than ever before, and never been without work. However, I think it’s gone too far in that direction. I didn’t really take my cameras out for fun all that much in 2014, and really, without the fun, what’s the point? I got… Read More

Pentax Q – Back from the wild

So I’m back from Canada, and I have fell completely in love with this little camera! It is superb for street photography. Usually, I feel a bit self conscious with a fecking huge slr trying to not disturb candid scenes happening around me.  This is not a problem in the slightest with the Pentax Q…. Read More