The tale of my almost-broken butt bone

AKA: what I’ve been up to in August. I had a bit of a Time Out from the blog, and from social media as a whole, while I geared up to do some more writing. But I think I’m back now. All recharged and stuff! Here’s what I’ve been doing:


So I went to Naples with my dad. We’re both big photography nerds, so we thought we’d unburden the rest of our family and go on a dedicated nerdy photography holiday together.

Bruges for the day

Because why not? It was lovely! Very pretty, loads of interesting things to see. It was a bit cold to begin with, but afterwards it cleared up and we got to see some blue sky. We planned to go up the tower, but spent the first two hours talking ourselves […]

Nano Week One – Writing, Third Eye Blind, chair-spinning

Vlog and Blog… oooh, how very New Age. Nanowrimo week one is over! I managed 16 and-a-bit k which is pretty decent considering how busy I’ve been. I also managed to see the amazing Third Eye Blind in Manchester, have a BBQ, make terrible life choices, and turn my desk chair […]

The slow insanity that is Product Photography

I love being a professional photographer. I really do. You never know what you’re going to do next. It could be a wedding, or a party, or a puppy photo shoot! Or… it could be posing eggy pans and Tupperware boxes for fifty hours in a small office going slowly […]