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Not a girlie girl

There’s been a wonderful influx of honest feminist discussions lately, with topics from body positivity, to masturbation to menstruation. I thought I’d add my own life perspective to the pile. I’m not a girlie girl. I know, shocker, right? Because of that, I’m not really viewed as a “woman” by society in general. And that… Read More

Anniversary post!

Today is my wedding anniversary… and I’m spending it in Bracknell with work. So I thought I’d at least write a blog post about all the fun things I remember from around the time I got married. Fun fact: we got married in Las Vegas in 2011, and way back when that was the whole… Read More

Emily + glue gun + melting crayons = art?

Well, I was the first to assume this would end badly, believe me. Something always goes wrong when I try something creative. I cut up my thumb scrapbooking. I superglued two of my fingers together when I mended a broken chess piece. I left paintless craters in the wall when I made a Polaroid mural (incidentally,… Read More

Happy Birthday to me! 28 things about me

So I’m 28 now *party poppers* To celebrate, here are 28 things about myself. It’s my birthday. Indulge me. 1) I was born on Thursday the 12th of March. My family were taking bets on me being born on Friday the 13th. I think that would have been much cooler.