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BRB – Off to Naples!

I am absent this lovely Friday, for I am in Italy on a photography holiday with my dad! There shall be lots of blogs, vlogs, and of course photographs on the way shortly. I’m going to Pompeii, too. Did I mention that? Allofthe pretty. Eeeek with a side of YAY!

What body parts do you need to bust ghosts?

I feel a rant coming on. I’ve got my ranting socks pulled up to my knees and I’m ready to go. OK. Consider yourself forewarned. Let’s talk about the new Ghostbusters trailer — you know, the one with all the kick-ass ladies in it? — this has brought out the worst in a lot of… Read More

RIP Alan Rickman

I’ve never had such a strong reaction when someone famous has died before. In fact, I’ve always thought people who got upset might be over reacting… just a tad. Oh boy, how wrong was I?