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Not a girlie girl

There’s been a wonderful influx of honest feminist discussions lately, with topics from body positivity, to masturbation to menstruation. I thought I’d add my own life perspective to the pile. I’m not a girlie...


Anniversary post!

Today is my wedding anniversary… and I’m spending it in Bracknell with work. So I thought I’d at least write a blog post about all the fun things I remember from around the time...


The X Files: my first love

OH MY GOD IT’s COMING BACK IT’S COMING BACK! A tale of the Internet fandom that created Internet fandoms. *spoilers, I guess? For a twenty year old show?*


A bit about me

About me Hi! I’m Emily Lowrey, (27 )28, write YA and adult contemporary fiction from Merseyside, UK. Current reading status: Gillian Flynn is my literary crush right now, because wow.


The Drummer Brain

Little known fact. I play the drums, and spent most of my teens touring in a band. We played over 150 gigs, and man, do my wrists feel like it. For the majority of...