About Emily

I’m a writer, photographer, and filmmaker based in Merseyside, England. I have too many cameras, too many pets, and too many pairs of roller skates. Probably not enough common sense.

I love to travel, which is at odds with both my terrible grasp of geography and my love of sitting writing all day. I feel most comfortable with a camera or a pen in my hand. So if in doubt, throw one or the other at me and I’m sure we’ll get along fine.

I was brought up on a staple diet of horror and crime novels, with several dollops of British sitcom thrown in. I’ve been told I have a rather, err… eclectic writing voice? I like dark, funny stuff. Or funny, dark stuff? Or dark-dark stuff. Or funny-funny stuff. Any of those things, really. So long as I’m either consuming or creating stories — in their many mediums — I’ll be very happy indeed.

(Oh, and Oreos, too. They also make me happy. But not those peanut butter ones. Never those.)

Thanks for stopping by!

Represented by Amber Caravéo at Skylark Literary.