Bratislava (not a stag do)

I’m back from Bratislava! I survived what was absolutely not, under any circumstances, a stag do.

It was totally a stag do. We went there to celebrate the up-coming wedding of my buddy Damian. We go-karted, and visited a very interesting/terrifying place that I have affectionately called “Death-Trap Land”.

There were quad bikes – but only two – and a crossbow – just the one – and archery, and deathy-looking zipwires and such. No heath and safety was to be had on that day. But on the plus side, as a consequence, my drone was easily the least dangerous thing there and the owner let me fly Mavis about.

Bratislava was beautiful, and very interesting.

We just have a few weeks to recover now before the wedding in Sardinia later this month! Oh, and by the way, I’m dusting off my drums and doing a set at the wedding. I am so very scared. But I’m sure it’ll be all right on the night.




Stay tuned, I guess…!

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