I bought a drone and named him Mavis

After many many MANY months spent obsessing over buying a Mavic Pro, I finally took the plunge. I am now incredibly broke, but damn, am I happy! Mavis is everything I wanted and more. She (she is a bit gender-fluid) is portable, and easy to control, and the footage is superb.

I’m taking Mavis to Bratislava tomorrow, where I’m away on a stag do (which really tickles and pleases me SCREW YOUR GENDER ROLES!) so I’m hoping to get some awesome footage there, that isn’t, you know, of my local field of back garden. I’ve got some pretty stuff so far, but I’m a bit timid and a bit limited as to where I can go sometimes. But I’m off to Sardinia in a few weeks – the wedding from said stag do – and that, my friends, is gunna be awesome!


so long as I don’t crash Mavis over the sea and kill him prematurely or anything.



I only really had video in mind for this purchase – I think next year, once I’m properly certified and all that it’ll be a great addition to my wedding photography/videography, and in the mean time I can also use Mavis in my short films. Eeeek! What I didn’t consider at all, was how damn amazing aerial photography is. I’m in love.


So yes. Just wanted to introduce you to Mavis. She comes with me everywhere in a handy dandy bag. Mavis is love. Mavis is life. Well OK, he’s just a drone but he’s still hella cool. Here’s some footage that I’ve taken so far.

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