More Spoken Word Short Film Stuff

I’m really getting into this! I think I might have found one of my things? Like I don’t already have a hundred things. Ugh. Anyway! This is really cool and I’m really proud of it and eek and yay and such.




Here be the wurdz, though I think it does work better with the visuals.



-by Emily Lowrey


The city stampede

streams around stones

armies charging and not one moment left to breathe.

here’s a riddle for you: how can you move so fast, and be standing still?


Sure, numbers might grow

as the clock ticks down low

and what does that even mean, anyway?

what have you got to show

for your daily wars?


Maybe we’re dancing someone else’s dance.

the music is nice at first

but then the steps get boring

they wear into your muscles and soon they’re all you know

and the fear builds.


because it’s not your song,

and it’s not your dance,

and it’s not even fun anymore

but who would you be if the music stopped?


frozen clocks.

shadows creeping across the walls

in nothing more than a blink it’s gone

and five simple words echo in your head: how did I get here?


trees grow tall

they grow roots

they grow in packs so uniform no one ever looks to see their differences

maybe they’re not different at all, in the end.

be a tree, they told you.

and you never once questioned it.

how could you, when you were hidden in the shadows of the branches and the leaves?

look around you now,

and ask yourself: is this what you want?


This thing you fight for everyday

in mundane ways, but all the same

does it make your pulse race?

make your eyes shine?

fill your aching limbs with so much satisfaction

you wouldn’t choose to be anywhere else in the world?


trees might be tall

they might be all you’ve ever known.

but trees live and die without ever seeing anything new.


think about it.

truly think, like you know you used to do.

and answer: is this good enough for you?

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