Some blummin’ wonderful photography stuff I’ve done in September!!

I have had such a creative month, photography wise! I know this isn’t technically a photography blog all of the time… but dammit, indulge me, yeah? I promise you splendid images and possibly cake*

*there shall be no cake.

So earlier in the month, me and my photography partner in crime, Martin, (we are Make Life Memorable Photography, by the way – super cool and stuff, you should totes check us out and all that) went to a skatepark in Liverpool for a couple photo shoot. It was amazingly squee and lovely and kick-ass and just… gah. Look for yourselves! I can’t even. I am so happy with the photos, and I had such a good time whilst working. Which is – you know – the dream. Right? Right.


Who needs cake when you have joy and happiness like that?

The theme was Night And Day. For those uninitiated (I can sense your eyes glazing over already…) I specialise in “strobist” photography. Meaning, I stick my flashguns on light stands and have a portable studio wherever I go. It’s pretty cool. This means I can shout a big “screw you!” up to the sun and make my own magical light. Which in this case was particularly handy as we started at 7pm.


Martin, #TeamDay, clearly, got some amazing natural light shots. I think it might be my fave of the whole set.


Then, after this, we did a wonderful shoot at the Alicia hotel in Liverpool. It is such a gem of a venue. And with Sefton park right across the road, there were loads of photo ops! I was #TeamStrobist again, with Martin kicking natural light’s butt. (yes, that’s a thing. Of course it’s a thing. Why wouldn’t it be a thing?) Anyhoowww look at these shots! Wow.


I am so proud to put my name to them. I – super cereal talk now – think I have come on quite momentously in the skillz department this past year. I’ve worked really hard at it and I think I’m seeing some grand results. It’s a wonderful feeling. This is the dream: getting paid to do what I love. It’s at the heart of EVERYTHING I do. Baby steps. But persistent baby steps. Whether in the form of photography or writing. Nothing is more important to me. And it’s finally working in my photography. It’s on the way! I am improving every gig.  I’ve set the date that I am leaving my day job (but I’m not going to tell you in case it all goes horribly wrong shhh).


And as with every passion in life comes the sweetest, most painful sting: you always ALWAYS have more to learn. And personally? I can’t bloody wait.


More photography stuffs over on my photography Insta: @make_life_memorable

and also, ya know, on my personal Insta: @emilymaylowrey Let’s follow one another and talk books and shizz.

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