Meeting David Duchovny!

Hot off the heels from Naples, I jumped in a car and headed to Glasgow with my wonderful buddies Emma and Zoe. I’d never been to Scotland before, so that was exciting in and of its self, but we were going to meet David Duchovny! ARRRRRRKAJFKASDFHASDIOLdfjkssdafi!

Now I’m sure you’re well aware, if you’ve been around these parts before, just how much of an X Files fan I am. I still have the movie stub from 1998. I Still have posters in my comfy room. It was quite literally the first love of my life.

So you could say I was quite excited. Just a bit.

We stopped at some wonderful services and I got me a bloody gorgeous vegan burger and chips. Then got accosted by ducks. Which was fun.

When we crossed the line into Scotland we all cheered. Mandatory.

The first night, we had some drinks in a student bar and it was so cheap. Like, I am moving to Scotland immediately, sort of cheap. We played pool and laughed at the teeny tiny TV in our hotel room and generally got settled in.


The next day…. THE day… We went to Loch Lomond in the morning. I just wanted to touch a loch, I had no idea how cool it would be. We ended up hiring a speedboat, and I was nominated captain.

Yes. Honestly. Me.

People actually looked at me and thought, yep, that woman is capable of driving a speedboat without adult supervision.


It was absolutely hilarious. The loch was calm on the way out, but when we turned around it went so rough! We got drenched. Such a fun way to spend the day before meeting David.

Speaking of which, we had all paid for a meet and greet, so we got to skip the queue (which felt hella cool) and soon we were next in line to meet him. ARRGH!

He’s smaller than I assumed, which much mean that Gillian Anderson is tiny. He was very friendly and we talked about Liverpool and the Beatles and I even managed to form sentences. I got my photo with him and SQUEEEEE!D quite a lot.


Because we could skip the queue, we also managed to get to the front row for the gig. We had some fun, heated, X Files related debates while we waited with fellow fans, and Emma almost got me mobbed-to-death by shouting out that I shipped Doggett and Scully. Oh boy… the dirty looks I received. (I totally do by the way. Feel free to form a line and throw rocks. I will go down with this ship!)

Now, to be honest, David’s music isn’t really my thing. It’s sort of country and blues? I was there primarily to be in the same room as David-frickin-Duchovny and get my picture and tick it off my bucketlist. I assumed that everyone else was there for the same reason… but no. He has fans. Everyone knew every single word to his songs. I almost felt mean for being in the front row and being so woefully unprepared.


deevad smol

So the gig was loads of fun. David did some Dad-dancing and looked rather dashing in a kilt for the encore, and I managed to smuggle my camera in and get lots of cool photos.

SUCH a fun time. I absolutely loved it.

When we got back from the gig, the venue contacted us and said that as a special surprise, for one gig only on the tour, the meet and greet was also filmed. Here is is! In all it’s glory, with bonus speedboat commandeering: YouTubes

4 Comments Meeting David Duchovny!

  1. Katy 19th June 2016 at 7:21 pm

    Congrats on meeting Dave! That’s so exciting! You are absolutely radiating joy in that picture with him. It looks like you had a total blast. I hope you never lose that 1998 ticket stub – that might be worth something some day. It’s hard to even find Fight the Future on dvd in a lot of places. 😀

  2. makelifememorable 19th June 2016 at 7:38 pm

    I shall keep it safe don’t worry! Thank you! 🙂

  3. Liz 29th June 2016 at 3:24 pm

    Hanging out for the film, Emily. One of you skippering the boat too, plse. Oh and address of student pub.

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