So I went to Naples with my dad. We’re both big photography nerds, so we thought we’d unburden the rest of our family and go on a dedicated nerdy photography holiday together.

Naples was… well… bloody bonkers. We witnessed a car crash (the first of many!) the moment we got off the plane, and every car on the road was dinted and scratched. I actually found it really entertaining to just sit and watch the traffic. It would be a fantastic drinking game. Crazyyyyyy.

Anyway. Neither of us can speak Italian, and I’m vegan, and my dad is gluten intolerant, so you could probably base several comedy sketches on our food-acquiring escapades. We found this amazing pizza place that did gluten free pizza marinara and we were both in heaven.

We went to the Pompeii ruins, which were spectacular, and also quite akin to a rat’s maze. So many parts were still being excavated so half the roads on the map were fenced off. Navigating the place took a much more advanced sense of direction than I own. But it was all so fascinating I didn’t mind the extra time there at all.

We also went to Capri island for the day, and oh my goodness I want to go back. Immediately! We started the day with a convertible-style taxi cab ride to the top of the island. The roads were single-track sized, but had two-way traffic — and busses! — the entire journey up. It was like a really scary roller coaster. It was so awesome we paid to go back down again instead of taking the funicular. At the top, we got on the single-person chairlifts, which also resided in that wonderful spot between crap-your-pants-scary and completely awesome.

The view at the top was…. whoa. Stunning. We spent ages just taking it all in.
On the last day, we went up to a castle and got a brilliant view of the entire place, including Mount Vesuvius looming ominously in the background. Absolutely breath taking.

Here’s my vlog of the whole thing in under 4 mins. I took my GoPro on the taxi ride and the chairlifts so you can see what I’m on about!

High-res photos – and more photos! – over on my Flickr
As soon as I got back, it was straight off to Glasgow with my buddies, which I shall cover in the next blog! To be continued…..

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