5 New Developments

Just a bit of a (possibly boring?) update from the land of Me.

I took the photo in the cover image thingie last summer. It’s pretty isn’t it? I forgot about it until today, so thought I’d post it. Because it’s almost summer! That means we might get at least four day’s sunshine in England, and dammit, that’s worth celebrating! Anyway…

1: This year I’m now officially a full timer with a second job (and I’d count writing as a third!) so I’m learning to be super organised with my precious time to get everything done. I’ve had to learn how to write in smaller chunks (I’m writing this on the train to work on a grey looking Monday) and adjust my habits quite a bit. But I’m getting more efficient!

2: I’ve been vegan since January. I decided to do Veganuary with my lovely husband, and we both took to it so well we’ve decided to make the change permanently. It’s been wonderful learning how to cook in new ways and thinking about things in a new light. It’s all very eye-opening. I’d recommend trying it for a month to anyone, honestly. If you wanted to learn more, a great place to start is Cowspiracy, which is on Netflix, and (NOT for the faint hearted, but brutally true) Earthlings, which is a film available from the usual sources and occasionally uploaded on YouTube.

3: I’ve started walking most days. My day job is indoors, under harsh artificial lights, so to counteract that I’ve decided to go and suck up some nature in the evenings. The weather is getting much better for it. We have some lovely places around here (so long as we don’t stay out after dark and all that!) and it’s been a wonderful way to unwind and shake off all that work baggage each day.

4: You might have noticed a lack of “What I’ve Read This Month” posts in 2016. I haven’t given up reading (HA! Like I even could!) I’ve decided instead to have a big re-read fest. I’ve been reading new new new books for the last two years pretty solidly, and I realised that I wanted to re-read some of my favourites before carrying on with the new releases. On my To Re-Read List:

The Dark Tower Series by Stephen King,

Tana French Dublin Murder Squad Series,

Harry Potter (of course),

Perks Of Being A Wallflower – Stephen Chobsky,

Far From You – Tess Sharpe.

There are some books that you can get more out of on a re-read, and I haven’t re-read anything in ages. I’m really enjoying it so far. Last year’s reading challenge, whilst fun, was a slog at times. I sometimes found myself picking books for all the wrong reasons (usually length if I was behind) and I’ve decided to get back to basics of enjoy reading for myself this year.

5: Annnd, nothing to see here, nothing to see… My book is on submission to publishers now. So there’s that. gulp.

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