Bruges for the day

Because why not? It was lovely! Very pretty, loads of interesting things to see. It was a bit cold to begin with, but afterwards it cleared up and we got to see some blue sky. We planned to go up the tower, but spent the first two hours talking ourselves out of it. I mean, I’m all for a good view and all, but 300+ steps with my wobbly sea legs seemed like far too much effort. Plus, we found a great bar that had a decent view without the leg burn in the end.

Clearly, I was on some sort of black and white kick with the photos. I think some of them came out really well. I even went all fancy with some shots, layering up three different exposures to bring out all that gritty details in the buildings.




Although, there were a lot of bikes that loved screwing up my shots (SO inconsiderate, honestly) so in the end, I just went with it and added them in deliberately with some motion-blur sort of stuff. Consummate professional.


Unlike my Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Seasickness adventure last year, the sea was nice and calm this time in both directions, despite my family warning us that we’d DIE and DROWN and the sea forecast read like a blood-soaked¬†apocalyptic omen. But I laugh in the face of danger, ha ha ha ha.


There were lots of schmancy shops, and we came home with many things that we did not need, like cranberry olive oil, a travel guitar, and a massive family bible. As you do. Seemed like a good idea at the time.



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