Women can multitask? I call shenanigans.

I’d like to say I was a person who could do everything, all at once. I’d love to be that writer-type who whizzes out 3k before breakfast, shoots off to work, then comes home and does domestic things. It just doesn’t quite work that way for me. Here’s a secret. Possibly a very badly concealed secret, but what the hell. I have a rather… obsessive personality. When I have a task — be it writing a novel, reading a book, vlogging, whatever — I grab hold and I run with it. Soon, everything else falls by the wayside. Sometimes quite disastrously.

During Nanowrimo, I wrote a novel, but ate like three healthy meals all month. It was all takeaways and junk, when I even remembered to eat. I thought then that there wasn’t time for boring life stuff; I was WRITING A NOVEL dammit. That was what mattered.

Yeah… If 2015 has taught me anything, it’s that I should probably address this particular character flaw.

But it’s so hard. It’s ingrained in me. Like, I started 2016 by researching the food industry, and ethics, and studied all things vegan (three weeks today, by the way, and LOVING it so far! But we shall see. We shall see) and what do you know? I haven’t done much writing, or reading, or much of anything else. I’ve learned how to cook a fantastic sweet potato and chickpea tagine, though. Does that count?

So for 2016, I think moderation should be one of my goals. It just isn’t healthy to sit at my desk all day, hammering out 10k words. And really, what’s the rush? I have one MS verrryyy near completion (ha! are these things ever complete?) and no less than THREE WIPs, all in varying states of readiness. Well — one is a plan for a re-write, one is first draft vomit, and one is a deeply flawed “final draft” that I can’t figure out how to fix…. but, ya know… I have WIPs. I have ideas. I have these things swirling in my brainsoup as I work on solutions. I’m at the frustrating stage now where I need to just think. Putting in the time and obsession won’t help me, this time. So it’s time for moderation in all things:

– Work on my craft, and my ideas.
– Write a bit, read a bit.
– Look after myself.
– Dust off my skates and kick some butt at the rink (mostly my own, tbf).
– Be a domestic Goddess (ha!) and keep learning more swanky vegan recipes.

I shall keep ya’ll updated on how this pans out. It’s gunna suck, in all honesty, because as disruptive as this flaw is in me, it only comes from passion. I’m scared that if I dial myself back from eleven, my passion will ebb away. Or maybe that’s just horse crap my brain tells me it doesn’t like change.

Who knows? I guess there’s only one way to find out.

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