Top 5 YA books I read this year

Such a strong year for my YA reads! I’ve been blown away by so many great books. Note: these are books I’ve read this year, not necessarily books that have been released this year. Here are my top five.


5: WE WERE LIARS – E.Lockhart
Wow. This book blew me away. I loved it. So beautifully written, and it made me cry (you will notice this seems to be a reoccurring theme for my favourite books). I finished reading this book on Audible, on a coach in Rotterdam. I cried in front of like 50 people. It was so bad. But I didn’t care. Such a great book. Also, this read led me to THE DISREPUTABLE HISTORY OF FRANKIE LANDAU-BANKS, which is a feminist masterpiece. So thanks, E.


4: IF YOU FIND ME – Emily Murdoch
Seems I really like authors called Emily. This bodes well 🙂 This book made me cry! The writing was superb, and my heart did a little skippy-skip when I saw my agent’s name in the acknowledgements (that happened several times this year and it never gets any less SQUEE, honestly). Beautiful writing. I bought this digitally, then physically, then physically again because I loaned it to a friend and they never gave it me back! This book is literally so good I’ve bought it three times.


3: The Bone Dragon – Alexia Casale

I was lucky enough to meet this wonderful author at a YA panel in Liverpool as I was half way through her book. I LOVED the writing — absolutely beautiful. There are so many parts where I wanted to highlight and I forced this book into my husband’s hands the day after I read it. I loved how it doesn’t wrap everything up neatly. You have to think a bit. I like that in a book. And yes I cried towards the end.


2: FAR FROM YOU – Tess Sharpe
Wow. Wow wow wow wow. I adore this book. The romance, the writing, the FEELS. So amazing. I made the husband read this too, and I knew exactly when he finished it. He came in all bleary eyed and demanded a hug. That’s what this book does to people! I highlighted my digital copy ALL OVER THE PLACE, and bought the paperback for my shelf. Every other page has something quotable. Absolutely stunning writing. If I could ever write something half as good, I’d be very happy. Lots of crying did occur.


I don’t know what it is about this book. It’s quite a quiet story compared to others in this list, but it has stayed with me. I cried (a lot) when I read it. It’s just beautiful and relatable, and so full of heart. I have this quote on my wall:
“I know there are people who say all these things don’t happen I know these will all be stories one day but right now we are alive and in this moment I swear we are infinite.”

Every. Single. Time.
For the record, I think this connection is quite personal. Husband has read all five of my faves and rates FAR FROM YOU first. They’re so close in my mind — both spectacular — but this book moved me in a very real way. ALLOFTHE stars.

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