NaNoWriMo 2015 Wrap Up

The blog shall return to the regularly scheduled randomness after this wrap up!

I won that there Nanowrimo, ending on the 26th Nov with a shiny(ish) 60k first draft of a YA thriller. Which is nice.

Things I learned
– I cannot run a household and do Nano at the same time. Spent the last two days catching up on washing and fixing the house.
– I cannot eat healthily and do Nano at the same time. Ughhh so long since I ate something green. Remedying this now *munches on whole lettuce*
– I cannot read and do Nano at the same time. I read precisely ZERO books in November. Luckily, I only have five books left to complete my reading challenge so I can kick butt in December.

Good stuff
– I think I write better “fast”. The story stays in my head better and there’s less back tracking. This isn’t even my fastest draft this year, come to think of it. I did a 77k YA in 16 days in August. Whoa. (which, incidentally, has grown to 81k now. Oh dear, my agent is going to kill me. This is December’s project: get it trim and shiny!)
– I really really like not writing alone. It’s cool to see others drafting at the same time, in real life, or online, and it makes the whole process a bit more competitive and social. So that’s nice.
– It’s also a wonderful excuse to wear onesies a lot. I feel odd, right now, writing in jeans and actual people-clothes.
– I am absolutely still in love with the high I get after finishing a first draft. It never ever ever gets old. I’ve never filmed myself before after writing THE END — the results were quite comical. I swear I had nothing stronger than a fruit Mento.


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