Nanowrimo Week 2 – “parties”, slow insanity, more chair-spinning

It’s been more of a slog this week for sure. Not sure why. Maybe that is the nature of “Act 2”. Maybe I’m being a whiney douche-nozzle. But there’s been a lot of fun too! Here is my blog and vlog about the whole thing:


I hit 32,728 words. So I’m on track for both the official Nano 50k target and my own stretch target of 65k, which is super cool!

About the Writing

Ulysses writing software continues to impress. My story has two view point characters, and I can hit the “keyword” tab and filter one or the other out instantly. It ain’t rocket science but it makes reading the previous chapters and jumping straight back in much easier. Keeps the old voices in my head separate.

I’m also writing out of order for the first time ever. Like if I’m stuck on one VPC I’ll skip to the other and write with them for a while until I’m un-stuck. It’s all very interesting — to me, possibly not to anyone else, sorry about that! — how my brain and writing plan-of-attack evolves each time I write a first draft.

In the Vlog, I did a sooper silly speed-typing test. My Kinesis keyboard went head to head with my Macbook keyboard, and I must say my RSI has not come back at all since I swapped to Kinesis! TEAM KINESIS!

Writing is awesome. I love the way first drafting makes me feel. It’s like I’m half in a dream, and I get sort of euphoric when I’m doing well (and sort of a COMPLETE ARSE HOLE when I’m not doing well but, hey, peaks and valleys) I love how much hope and vision gets poured into a first draft. I daydream about other people reading it, and try to figure out where it sits in comparison to other things I’ve written. It’s all very pie-in-the-sky and fun, first drafting. I run with the love for as long as I can. Because when it comes to the editing, I need to disengage and be more analytical, lest I go COMPLETELY insane.

About my week

In terms of real life stuff… I… went to the cinema? Got a new phone? Ate lots of junk food? I also bought some really sweet strobe lights for my photo booth and studio photography. So yay! This is one of the shots for Job Two I did on Saturday night. Cute or what?



I worked four shifts in Job One and also did a wedding photography gig for Job Two. So busy busy busy. Even cooler that I hit my word count. Hopefully — tentatively? — next week shall be easier.
Unless, ya know… I get my edits back from my Wonderful Agent (eeek! by the way. I can’t wait to get them but at the same time I’m happy Nano-ing too! I am awash with writerly joy) If I do get them, I think it’ll be a matter of swapping back to my other MS for a while, because my about-to-go-on-sub MS must take priority.

Mid way through NANO 2015 and I must say I’m having a wonderful time! Good luck if you’re participating!


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