Nano Week One – Writing, Third Eye Blind, chair-spinning

Vlog and Blog… oooh, how very New Age.¬†Nanowrimo week one is over! I managed 16 and-a-bit k which is pretty decent considering how busy I’ve been. I also managed to see the amazing Third Eye Blind in Manchester, have a BBQ, make terrible life choices, and turn my desk chair into a fairground ride. All to be expected with the madness of Nano.

You can skip to the video for an undiluted version of my silliness, or carry on reading below.

(Best. Thumbnail. Ever. AmIright?)


So, as I mentioned before, I’m aiming for 65k, rather than the traditional 50k this month, which means I need to hit 2,166 words a day, rather than 1,666. So at the end of week 1 my target was 15,166… so I’m only ever so slightly above my word goals. ARRRGH.

Anyway, it wasn’t all doom and gloom. I got out of the house (even though I left my pyjama top on…) and went out with friends. And Third Eye Blind were AMAZING. I’ve been a fan of theirs since I was like 13, and I remember so many happy times, listening to their music growing up. AND WE GOT ON THE BARRIER! I didn’t even need to get a photo pass to get some decent shots, I just smuggled my little Sony A7 into my handbag. Awesome.


I have heard a lot of people online talk about the merits of “fast-drafting” and I’ve been thinking about that a lot this week. I don’t really think this pace is rushed for me. I’m certainly not hammering out any old crap just to hit my word goal. If I get stuck, I go back to my plan and figure it all out. I think this pace is about right, for me. So I do get a bit annoyed when people assume Nano is just a load of horse manure in word form. I think my first draft so far – though far from perfect OMG – is pretty clean.

Which leads me on to my software of choice this year: Ulysses. I AM LOVING Ulysses! I’ll do a full post on it after Nano, and maybe a video tutorial, but for now just know that for the early stages of novel writing (and blogging) I don’t think I’ll be using Word again. Of course, when it gets to passing the MS over to my agent etc… then I’ll export to Word, but for the early stuff, Ulysses is PERFECT. Honestly. Everything is so organised and easy to shuffle about. And I’m the least organised person on the planet so this is ideal for me.

Anyway. I need to hit my word goal for today. So I’m off. Here are some photos from my Third Eye Blind adventure, taken with my 16mm f2.8 fisheye lens. Yeah… I know… odd choice. It worked brilliantly for Papa Roach back in March, but that time I was actually there as a photographer. Meh. I think I’ll still get some posters printed!



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