Anniversary post!

Today is my wedding anniversary… and I’m spending it in Bracknell with work. So I thought I’d at least write a blog post about all the fun things I remember from around the time I got married. Fun fact: we got married in Las Vegas in 2011, and way back when that was the whole inspiration for starting this blog. Whodathunkit?

So we’ve been together for 14 years. Let’s do 14 things:

featured vegas

1) Wearing Converse for your wedding is fun, especially if you don’t like heels. I’m much too clumsy for all that.

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2) Skydiving drunk is not advisable.


3) We played a gig in Fremont street a few days after we got married. We played some covers, me on drums, Husbind on guitar and vocals. I remember we played Easy Like Sunday Morning, but I can’t remember much else? (yes, this was a few short hours before the skydiving incident…)


4) I accidentally killed a lobster 🙁

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5) before the skydiving, we did this massive, terrifying bungee jump into the Colarado River. Which was… the scariest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life ever.

Here’s a video of it. Spoilers: I talk about my loose bowels quite frequently.

6) Jumping off the Stratosphere Tower was the best Hen Do ever. We did it twice. It was the day we got there, too, so we were soooo jetlagged.


7) The whole getting married in Vegas thing was originally a joke. We were pricing up a UK wedding and I said, “bloody hell, we could have a massive holiday for this much. We could get arried in Vegas for this much.” and then we have an eyes-widening moment where it all made sense.

8) The Strip is a crazy place. We made friends with Leathery Elvis who hounded us for tips… for just, like… looking vaguely like Elvis? Also spotted: a snake.


9) In true Vegas fashion, the best man got “kidnapped” the night before and ended up in a seedy off-strip bar. Which was totally in-keeping with the spirit of things!

10) Our Minister dude was awesome. He sounded like Joey off Friends – you know the bit? – having, and loving, and giving, and receiving? Amazing.

11) We’re having a joke that our anniversaries are getting gradually worse.

1: Vegas a year later

2: West End Show

3: Fancy Meal

4: Five Guys Burgers and Fries and training in Bracknell. I’m betting next year we’ll both be in jail.

12) We got married on our 10 year anniversary. Which was a Sunday, and which also made it harder to get married in the UK.

13) We’re saving up to go back to Vegas for my 30th in 2017, which would be hella cool!

14) Oh! Yeah! – Right – we had to pick up the marriage licence a few days before, and we got this limo to the office, and there were signs EVERYWHERE saying we couldn’t pick up the licence if we were under the influence of alcohol… and well… this was about an hour after the three-hour happy-hour at the hotel, and we were SO paranoid and scared we’d get turned away, and we’d brought 16 of our friends and family to the other side of the world for nothing.

The woman at the desk didn’t even look at us as she passed it over.

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