Sooper Secret Road Trip!

It was my ever-patient husbind’s 30th on Aug 3rd so I planned lots of silliness to make the whole thing a bit less painful.

Saturday – Sooper Secret BBQ


We bought some “garden things” – I got a gazebo, and Chris got this weird cooking/bbq/firepit thing? He was happy, and I got food, so all was well, really.

Sunday – Pain, mostly. I was in work too. This was a bad day. A very bad day.

Monday – To the Sooper Secret campsite! In sunny Chertsey

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 21.09.18

Here’s a thing about Chris. He loves surprises. And I HATE them. My family are the kind who open Christmas presents on Christmas Eve, and give each other birthday presents months early, whenever something convenient appears that someone wants. So, all this stuff was a surprise. Coz I’m a nice wife like that.

We set off late, had a nice meal, drove to the campsite for half six in the afternoon. It was July, and a nice day – we had light – what could possibly go wrong? Well… we unpacked our tent and… well… we forgot to pack the tent poles. CRAP! Enter a mad-dash on our phones with dodgy signal to try and find the closest shops. It was half six. They all shut at eight. The closest shop was eighteen miles away.

It was a terrifying time, let me tell you. Squeaky bum time. But we managed to get a nice four-man tent for a hundred quid ten minutes before the shop shut. PHEW!

We put it up and proceeded to have a laughing fit at our terrible packing skills. If nothing else, it was a great excuse to buy a new tent.

Tuesday – Sooper Secret Harry Potter Trip


We went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in the afternoon, which was amazing. I’ve been once before, but Chris hasn’t. We’re both big fans. I still cried again, and I didn’t even have a hangover to blame it on, this time. The butterbeer was much improved! We did all the cringe-worthy poses, and had a right laugh. I also tested out my LensBaby lens, which was entertaining.

(I mean… I *think* he liked it?)


Wednesday – Book of Mormon and Thames Cruise


We got the train into That London, and surprised the husbind with a matinée show of Book Of Mormon. We went two years back for our anniversary and it was just as amazing.

Then it was a quick mooch up the road to the Sooper Secret Thames cruise, which was surprisingly brilliant. We got lots of free Pimms and failed at selfies quite spectacularly.


On this day, we also spent £60 in Five Guys Burgers and Fries and I regret NOTHING.

Thursday – chill day. Needed. Five Guys hangover. Those burgers have STRENGTH.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 21.09.03

I also managed to get some actual editing done in the sun. It was nice.

Friday – drive home. BLEUGHHHHH

Saturday – Liverpool – hotels and things.

We went for a night out with all the folks who couldn’t make camping.

We took our mothers into the tequila bar, which was hilarious. Then we ended up in the metal club, listening to ten-year-old songs and realising that nothing overly exciting has happened in metal for the last decade. We even remembered all the words to Break Stuff, and everything.

Sunday – book shopping, and pain, and reading.


We bought… 24 books from Waterstones. It’s a bad addiction, what can I say? Chris is going through all the classics, and I of course raided the YA section. We swap our favourites so we can chat about them. The YA section in Liverpool is what heaven looks like, I’m sure. I think I drooled a bit.

We went back to the hotel to read. Like… all night. It was bliss!

Monday – home. His actual Birthday


Chris’s mum made him an amazingly tasty cake that looked like the one Hagrid made in Harry Potter. I kept whispering “APPEEEY BURFDAEEE, ARRREEEY” into his ear as he ate it. I am a cruel wife.

Oh, and they got him an entire archery setup, including a massive target and everything. Lots of fun! But also a bit scary – it’s a 45lbs compound bow!

And we had one last Sooper Secret Birthday Meal with everyone. Because, why not?

Tuesday – we both spent the entire day in bed reading Tana French. We had no energy for anything else at all.

It was so much fun, but oh my god, I am craving junk food and/or alcohol at very inappropriate times since coming back.

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  1. MakeLifeMemorable 14th August 2015 at 7:10 pm

    Eeek hope you do something special 🙂

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