The slow insanity that is Product Photography

I love being a professional photographer. I really do. You never know what you’re going to do next. It could be a wedding, or a party, or a puppy photo shoot!

Or… it could be posing eggy pans and Tupperware boxes for fifty hours in a small office going slowly insane.

Things I learned


There is an art to product photography. Not everyone can make this alphabet-caterpillar look coy and appealing, let me tell you. After a few hours, I really – and I mean REALLY – cared about the posing of these shots. Like I said. Slow insanity.

It’s all  mega bright and click… click… click… pose… edit… repeat.

Bean bags are your best friend


I could not get this classy shot without some bean bags. Oh.. wait… you can see them in the shot. OOOPSY.

White things are NOT your friend


You’re shooting on a white background, right? So anything that is white will either have to be off-white, or invisible. And here’s a tip you can have for free: people need to see the products. So off-white it is. Honestly. If you can shoot white things in a white product box without going insane, you are a better human being than I am.

Square things are the best things in the world

Look at how well those trusty bean bags separated the oven thingies. Beautiful! (see? INSANITY). Everything should be square. Seriously. Square footballs, square wheels, square soup cans. Things with easily definable edges are a breeze to edit.

Fluffy things are the worst thing in the world


Definable edges. You’re doing it wrong! I don’t care how cute you are!

You get to listen to a TON of audio books when you work

I listened to loads. It was bliss! You know – when I wasn’t going mad, striking up conversations with the egg pans. That one shot involved me GAFFA TAPING the spatula thing to the pan thing, and then propping it up on many beanbags. Bloody masterpiece, that is, in the product world.


Like all photography, you need a wee bit of pride in your work

So it isn’t a portrait. It isn’t something someone will look at on a canvas for the next thirty years (though I could totally understand, with the eggy pan shot. Absolute beaut, that) but you are providing a service, and your work speaks to your abilities. So yes, it’s OK to go a little bit insane when you’re posing slankets and neck-lights and wondering who the hell buys this stuff.

I’m here to tell you, it’s OK. Have pride!



(What even ARE half of these things?!)


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