Emily + glue gun + melting crayons = art?

Well, I was the first to assume this would end badly, believe me. Something always goes wrong when I try something creative. I cut up my thumb scrapbooking. I superglued two of my fingers together when I mended a broken chess piece. I left paintless craters in the wall when I made a Polaroid mural (incidentally, this project is to hide that disaster).

I was expecting to have multi-coloured carpets and hot glue instead of eyebrows. But alas… it went quite well! No one died anyway.

comfy (1 of 1)-8


First came the dreaded glue gun. I’ve never used one of these before. I ended up with spiderwebs of glue all over the place… including my hair. But once they dried they were easy enough to clean. Score! Making the rainbow of crayons at the top was a lot more time-consuming than I thought it’d be. And it was hella hard to keep them straight. I mostly succeeded?

I added the silhouette – and can I just say that I can never spell that word right? – then I got out my cute little typography stamp thingies. I went with “start with a strong and persistent desire” because a) It’s one of my favourite albums, and b) it’s a pretty good life motto. It’s right up there with “art harder, motherf*cker”. It was all rather civilised at this point, aside from the spiderweb glue-bits in my hair. Next came the HEAT!

comfy (1 of 1)-9

comfy (1 of 1)-10This bit was so hit and miss. You have NO control. At one point, half a red crayon just snapped off and raced down with the goop. With the narrow head thingie on the hair dryer, the splashes were contained to a minimum. Although, I did manage to get some magma-like yellow crayon into my mouth.

comfy (1 of 1)-12

But on the whole, I’m impressed! I was expecting something more like this:




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