Duplicity photography

You need a tripod, a funky idea, and some minor photoshopping skillz. Hours of fun!


How: Put your camera on a tripod and KEEP IT THERE. First, (this is important) take a photo of the empty scene. Then, take each of the shots you want to layer up. If it is a self-portrait, use a timer. If it is outdoors, do it swiftly enough so that the light doesn’t change too much.

In photoshop, layer the images up, and erase all the bits you don’t need. You should end up with something like these shots. It’s quite easy to do, but time-consuming. Just put on an audio-book, and zone out until it’s done.

20130619-many muhsALLOFTHE Emma’s

Once you get the basics, the sky is your limit. I think there are… *counts* 10 Emma’s in the shot above? We pretty much stopped coz we got bored.

clones finalMix it up: Twinseys

This photo… man, this photo always makes me laugh out loud. Just look at it properly. One of my all time faves. Two friends, dressed as – and pretending to be – one another. The thing that gets me is they impersonate each other much too well!

How: Camera on tripod. Get two friends. Two silly friends, preferably. Take one photo of them in their own clothes, one person sad, one person happy. Make sure you put markers on the floor to remember where they stood. Get them to look at the photo, and study the other person’s body language and expression. Get them to SWAP clothes. Preferably in private, but whatever works for you guise. Get them to imitate the original photo. Try to stop laughing long enough to take a steady shot.

Then, in photoshop, layer them up, and swap them over, so the two Friend A’s are in one shot, and the two Friend B’s are in the other shot. Hours of nerdy fun!


Once you get it, you can use anything. Animals are always fun. Make it look like you have 25 pet collie dogs. Objects are cool too. Make it look like you’re rich by filling a room full of your last twenty pound note. The limit is only your imagination!






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