Barcelona, the 900-course meal, and SPORTZ!

I was lucky enough to go to Barcelona with work. The top three promoters on the team won the prize, and I was in the top three.

I did quite well.

Well OK. Fine. I won. I came first, OK?  *humblebrag* *big cheesy grin*

Anyway. Because of the rather skewed gender percentage of the team (3/100 last time I checked?) the prize was rather, er, blokey. Which is fine. I love me some beer and SOCCERBALLS! And all that Barcelona goodness. I got up at the actual crack of dawn to get my flight, which was delayed an hour so I got in some early morning plotting and scheming.

I wasn’t exactly sure what the arrangements were at the other end. I was expecting a coach or something, but got a lovely driver of my very own! I felt very posh.

barcelona smol-4

The hotel was ridiculously nice. It’s just a shame I was only there one night. As an aside, I’ve mentioned before how bad I am at geography, right? So, er… it didn’t occur to me that it might be slightly warm in Barcelona in May. I even packed TWO COATS. What the hell, brain? What the hell.

In the afternoon, the group went for a never-ending meal, with courses ranging from shot-glass soup, to ham eggs and crisps, to pumpkin puree, to green beanz. It was lovely and confusing and I really enjoyed it.

barcelona smol-8

Then for the main event: the last game of the season at Camp Nou. There were 99,000 people there, so I’m told, to watch Barcelona play Deportivo. We were in the VIP box, which was amazing, and there was this communal VIP area where there was free food and free bar and free THINGS which was nice. I like free things.

barcelona smol-21

The beer came in these cute little glasses, and unfortunately the glasses were not free. Pfft.


So yeah. I watched the SOCCERBALLS and jumped out of the box like a rebel and ran down to the pitch to get some photographs before and after the game. It was all very exciting. There were glitter canons at the end. Like… massive glitter canons, going pew pew pew. What’s not to love?

It was a great experience, and I’m so happy to have been a part of it. High-Res photos over at My Flickr (the panoramas look much better over there)

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