Photography: Starlight Walk

The Starlight Walk was for East Cheshire Hospice. The atmosphere was amazing all night long! I covered the event with my photography buddy Martin, and we had such a great time. There were  activities all night; stalls, live music, and games on the grass. Also a fancy dress competition or two, which is always fun. Especially the pet fancy dress comp!


The participants set off just as the sun was going down, carrying their candles and notes for loved ones.


The grounds themselves were incredibly beautiful. There was one part of the course where people could pick up a pebble and walk over remembrance bridge. They’d spend a moment in silence, and throw the pebble into the water. It was beautiful and heart breaking and inspiring all at once.


The fancy dress theme was Festivals, and there was even a fancy dress competition for dogs!


The staff and volunteers were great fun, too, really getting into the spirit of the event.


The best part of the evening was waiting at the finish line with Martin to take everyone’s photos. Old, young, families, individuals – everyone pulled together and cheered each other on. The smiles at the finish line tell a story all on their own, I think!


We took hundreds of shots, but here are some of my favourites.

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