Liverpool Photo Walk

This was a bit lazy of me, I admit, as I work in Liverpool. But it really is a beautiful place.

I was armed with my stock lens and my 16mm fisheye. The weather was… brisk, shall we say? Yeah, I’ll go with that.

We went on the big wheel thingie, which has been sat right outside where I work, just taunting me. I’ve always wanted to go on it, and now I have. Yay! I also got this lovely different perspective shot from the top, which is one of my favourites from the day.



Another of my favourite places on my way to work is Waterstones. It does eat up all of my money, and I do tend to stroke and bump my head against the beautiful window displays like a zombie, but it is just… heaven. It’s the place that dreams are made of, OK? SO PRETTTTTYYYYYY.



We ate in Byron’s, which is always nice. I took a pretty shot of the lighting in there, too. Lazy? Yes. Cool? Debatable. That sounded better in my head. And, of course, no Liverpool photo walk would be complete without an obligatory shot of the Liver building.


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