Photo walk: Chester

Chester is always a fun place for a photo walk. Armed with my stock lens and my 16mm fisheye. The cathedral, the wall, the cute tame squirrels… what’s not to love?

We went into the cathedral, which is beautiful, but challenging to shoot. There are many reasons for this. One, it’s dark as hell in there (was that a bad word choice? It was probably a bad word choice) and there are always people in there. Ugh. PEOPLE. They get in your shot and mooch around and are so damn inconsiderate. Can’t they see we are taking a photo? And then there are photographers. Ugh. They get in your shot and think their shot is more important than yours and they are so damn inconsiderate. Ugh. Photographers are the WORST.


 Squirrels. I love them. They’re hella tame, and they will eat from your hand and everything. The downside? They’re much too cute. I mean, if you upload a group of photos, and there is a cute animal in one of them? Well, there goes the neighbourhood. It got at least ten times more hits than any of the others on my other site. I know it’s cute and all, but I sort of put my camera on the ground and hit and wished. It doesn’t deserve your love! Plus, it looks sort of angry. I think it’s secretly a Nikon fan-squirrel and it’s judging my Sony camera. No more peanuts for YOU, my friend.



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