The importance of headspace

I’ve had a little epiphany today. For one reason or another, a short journey ended up with me being sat in my car for about an hour on my own. Now, because I assumed this would be a quick journey, I left my trusty Kindle at home (currently reading: Life Of Pi, and Oh Em Gee is it beautiful).

So I did the usual stuff; mooched on AbsoluteWrite, made a new X-Phile Twitter friend (yay!) and then at about the thirty minute mark, when my toes had gone numb, and I’d run out of apps to open, I sat and I thought.

I don’t know why, but in today’s day and age, dead time seems to be The Enemy.

As usual when plotting and scheming new projects, my mind wandered to my current WIP. I had the main character’s plot sorted, but the supporting character just sort of worked as a sounding board for the main character. I didn’t really know what to do with her.

WELL, NOW I DO! *party poppers* 

It was obvious, really, when I sat and thought about it. They’re mirrors of one another. Now their tangled stories weave in and out of one another and trip each other up in interesting and conflicting ways. It is no longer one character shouting into the abyss; it’s a two-way conversation.

I just needed the headspace to figure it all out.

So now I’m thinking about the serendipity of numb toes, and how this writing lark is like having a knot inside your head that needs to be untied. Without headspace, the white noise of life can fill your mind until there’s no room for anything else.

If you’re ever stuck on a project, I highly recommend sitting in a car park for an hour without any gadgets. Though maybe do it at a warmer time of year if you value your toes.

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