Happy Birthday to me! 28 things about me

So I’m 28 now *party poppers* To celebrate, here are 28 things about myself. It’s my birthday. Indulge me.

1) I was born on Thursday the 12th of March. My family were taking bets on me being born on Friday the 13th. I think that would have been much cooler.

2) I share my birthday with my best friend, Emma. We became friends because on our twelfth birthday, everyone in school knew it was her birthday and not mine, and when she found out, she shared all her presents with me. I sometimes wish she was my wife because that is the cutest meet-cute ever.

3) I write YA fiction. Yeah, I know that this is a blog sometimes about that, but believe it or not, I didn’t tell a soul (not even my DAD and most of my friends) until I got an agent. I was so afraid that people would think it was silly. Everyone was a hundred percent surprised and supportive. Score!

4) On that last note? I even hid writing my first two novel-length manuscripts from my husband. Which is insane, considering we live together. I’d chuck the script under a cushion or something when he came home from work.

5) I have five reptiles: Mr Pounce, Myka, Helena, Pete, and Aaahtee. Yes, I am a Warehouse 13 fan.


6) I’m a huge X Files fan and one of my most memorable days is 21st August 1998. I was eleven, and the X Files movie came out in the UK, certificate 15. I got all dressed up and managed to get in to see it. I literally still have the cinema stub.

7) On that last note, I prefer to believe that the second X Files movie doesn’t exist. Ewwww.

8) I skate. As in roller skate. I am better on roller blades than quads, but I try both. I can go like backwards and stuff. I am sooper cool. I’m attempting to train for a skating half-marathon in May, which will most certainly kill me.

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 12.11.45

9) I broke my wrist twice when I was younger roller skating.

10) I played the drums, touring in two rock bands at one point, until said wrist injury caused too much havoc, and I had to take a break. It is currently a long break.

11) Wow. 28 was an ambitious number, right? *pants*

12) I’m an only child and ever so slightly intimidated by very young children, which is hilarious, given I am a baby photographer in the off-season of the year.


13) I’ve shot (pew pew pew) weddings all over the UK including the Isle of Man and Coventry.

14) I love Tori Amos so very very much. If I could only listen to one artist ever again for the rest of my life, it would be her. I’ve only seen her live three times, twice in Manchester, and once in the Albert Hall in London. We were at the second to front row last time, and apparently when she invited everyone to stand at the end, I wrestled several fans out of the way in a frenzy to get to the stage.

tori 2

15) I got my foundation degree in music and sound design. It has come in *so* handy so far… but seriously, it was so much fun, and I did it on a sort of scholarship type of thing, so it didn’t cost me a penny. Miracle or what.

16) I’m saving up to go back to the Florida Keys in 2016. I think if I could choose anywhere in the world to retire to, it would be there. It’s so chill. Like, that is where chill comes from. It’s where chill takes its holidays to chill.

17) Kingsman is probably the best film to be made in the past decade. Wow. Aside from that masterpiece, my previous all time fave is Galaxy Quest.

18) I own 38 Alan Rickman films. Two of which have enforced Spanish subtitles because they’re so obscure. Do I care? No I do not.

19) I have two border collies, Seven and Pancakes. Seven is a mastermind, and Pancakes is a fluffy idiot. They’re sort of like Pinkie and the Brain, except instead of wanting to take over the world, they plan elaborate schemes to get more food.

20) I am married to a wonderful, understanding, lovely man. I’ve been with him since I was fourteen. We’ve had about three arguments. It’s about one thing that I did right straight off the bat.

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 11.27.04

21) I love American Football! I love the Seattle Seahawks. I know, I know, you think I’m a glory hunter, right? Well I have much more valid reasons for choosing that team: their uniform is bloody beautiful. Their QB is too. See. Valid. I was wearing my Russell Wilson jersey when I got “The Call” from my agent, and I now consider it my lucky jersey.

22) Nearly there!!

23) I’ve named my car Wiggins, and everyone in my life knows this and just refers to my car as Wiggins like it is totally normal.

24) I’m a gadget lover. I’ve worked for Sony, HP, Panasonic, Samsung, Amazon Kindle, Activision, and probably a few brands that I’ve forgotten about.

25) I still get ID’d sometimes because I look about twelve. I assume this will end soon, as I am officially old now.

26) I used to have two pet chickens, until they both turned out to be boys and, well, apparently cock-fighting is illegal :/ They now live on a farm with a grumpy farmer who loves animals more than people. Now I have to make do with Benedict The Third, my desk-chicken.

27) Also, I had pet rats: William and Shatner. I always really wanted a pet pig but I’ve yet to convince the husband of the benefits.

28) We made it! Yay! I’m grateful for the life I’ve built, even if it is somewhat unconventional. I am so lucky to be surrounded by people who embrace and champion my resolution to not ever properly grow up.


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