So I tripped, fell, and bought a GoPro

Ooops. And I couldn’t stop falling, either, as I accidentally purchased about a hundred quid of accessories, too…

I LOVE this little thing!

As some of you may know, I am a photographer by day, and live in the realm of still images. There’s a certain skill set to that. It’s what you might call my “comfort zone.”

Well, this year I’m trying to expand that dinky, button-sized patch of life into something slightly bigger. So. Video. I find my Nerd!gasms encompass video, too. I mean, I can shoot 720p, 120fps with this little bugger. And it is small – at least three times the size of my comfort zone.

I wish I had this camera last year when we went to Florida and Canada, but, my Olympus TG-1 served me well enough. (but720p120fpsssssARRRGH!)

Anyway, here are some test videos I’ve made since getting my new shiny gadget. Here’s to expanding my skills and confidence. Cheers!

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