Scary cool things from around the world

Me and my buddies try and do as many “scary” things as we can. We usually book holidays around those things. Here are some of our faves! (featuring an old band track on which I play the drums)

Under the cut for a review of my top 10


The Stratosphere Sky Jump – Las Vegas!

We went here for my hen do, which was awesome. You could hear Zoe screaming from a thousand feet away. (It’s the first clip in the video if you wanted a giggle) It’s a 1100ft assisted freefall. You get out on a ledge overlooking the Vegas strip, and 3,2,1, you jump. You freefall down until someone slams on the brakes at the bottom (hopefully!)

2) Navajo Bridge bungee jump – Arizona

Wow this was terrifying. 471ft bridge, the largest bungee jump you can do as a beginner. Any higher and you need three jumps under your belt. It was our first ever bungee jump. What can I say? If you’re going to do it, do it properly! Emma got thrown off pall-bearer style and I jumped.

3)  Kissimmee SkyCoaster – Kissimmee Florida

This is the worlds largest man-made canyon swing. 300ft high. You get pulled up at an agonisingly slow pace, then dropped head first. Highly recommend. I did it first with Zoe at night which was brilliant and terrifying. But then I got all big and ard and did it alone in the day time which was waaaaay scarier. You can see the floor coming towards you much clearer!

4)  Sky dive – Vegas

I’ve spoke about this one a lot. It was good.

5)  Bungeee ballll – orlando

the worlds biggest bungee ball. We must have been on this at least 6 times. it feels like you’re being thrust into the stars.

6) Bootleg Canyon Zip Wiring – Las Vegas

I would say we are zip wire addicts, and this is my favourite zip wire place in the world. You’re 1000ft off the ground at one point, through the dips and valleys, and you go somewhere in the region of 70mph if I’m not mistaken. There are 4 wires, the last one is the shortest and fastest. I had a giggle fit.

7) CN Tower Sky Walk – Toronto, Canada

This is a 1100ft high walk around the outside of the CN Tower. It’s longer – you’re up there for 30 mins or so, and they get you to dangle off in various ways. The view was spectacular I didn’t want to ever come down.

8) Fremont Street Zipwire – Vegas

Zipwiring, hammered, down a busy street. What’s not to love?
9) Parasailing – Key West

The best hangover cure ever so peaceful and they’re so skilled at dipping you with out, like, drowning you. Loved it.

10) Cliff diving and Coasteering – Cornwall

This was amazing. Really good fun and actually bloody terrifying. There are no safety harnesses. You just climb and you jump. Loved it.

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