Collies, collies, everywhere

Dogs are funny.

My mother acquired a new collie, and I took it upon myself to call her Pancakes, if for no other reason than it’s hilarious when she runs off somewhere my mum has to shout “PANCAKES!!” down the street.

I bet the neighbours think she has some weird and immediate cravings.


My dog, Seven, did not take too kindly to our newest addition. Pancakes came in, robbed some of Seven’s toys, and tried to suck on one of her numerous boobies.

Seven was not amused.


Fast forward 4 weeks, and things are getting better. Seven has learnt that Pancakes drops food a lot, and smells quite interesting. Pancakes has realised that Seven’s boobies do not, after all, produce tasty pies. There is a happy medium. They’ve both dug up my mum’s back garden and trampled mud everywhere. Yes. All is well.


I taught Pancakes how to sit. She now sits at every given opportunity, believing that this somehow magically produces food.

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