The Vegas Blog 5 – ROAD TRIP!

Should this be a Vegas blog considering it didn’t happen in Vegas? Balls to it, it’s staying. After the wedding and honeymoon we did a 2 day road trip, and it honestly was the highlight of the holiday. We got a really nice rental car as a wedding present from our buddy Damian, and, although I have no clue about cars, even I have to admit that it was awesome. It had a flashy dashboard that you could change colours. oooooo.

6 of us went on the trip, and we split into 2 cars and a Harley Motorbike. Convoy style. Which was cool.

See? flashy lights. It went red and purple and green and white and and and…

The idea was this: hit Zion National Park on day one, on the way to Marble Canyon. Stay over, do a huge-ass bungee jump, then hit the Grand Canyon and home. Cooool.

See, we had a map and everything

Driving in America was really fun (not that I did it, Chris did) and except for coming out of a service station straight into oncoming traffic on a dual carriage way, we took to it well. We had some classic driving songs, like Queen, Blue Oyster Cult, and… erm… Greenday.

Zion National Park was just amazing. I had never seen anything like it in my life.

It was mad coming from essentially desert roads to this beautiful green park. Typically for America, in the middle of this cool, natural place, there was a pretty decent restaurant! We had some tasty pizza whilst communing with nature, and watched the wild deer that were just skipping about around us.

We skipped stones, paddled, and other cliches for a bit.

Bit big, really. (That’s what she said)

During the day we left Nevada, crossed State lines into Utah, then finally ended up in Arizona at night. Three States in one day, how cool is that! Arizona was cold, and poor Damian was on his bike with only shorts on. He froze on the way to the lodge we were all staying at. There was also a one hour time-zone difference in Arizona, which confused the hell out of me. After a long drive, we arrived at “Marble Canyon Lodge.” It was in the middle of actual nowhere. ACTUAL NOWHERE. You could see a hundred thousand stars in the sky because there was no light pollution. It was stunning. Here is my feeble attempt of capturing the moment:-

Fail. and yes that is my thumb.

It suddenly dawned on my that in the morning I would be jumping off a huge bridge. The SkyJump on day one really helped me with some confidence, and I just said to myself that we would have come all this way for nothing if I backed out like a chicken. So we went to bed determined: I was going to bungee jump in the morning!

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