339,370 hits on YouTube

Just noticed I’ve got nearly 400,000 hits on my YouTube videos. Not bad going really, considering they’re mostly of Alan Rickman rapping. Way back in 2007, I got a new base unit, and decided to make a silly bit of a song to learn how to use Windows Movie Maker. I wacked together this under-two-minute monstrosity, and made an even shoddier video to accompany it, and thought what the hell- I’ll upload it to YouTube. I had an account that I used to comment on other people’s videos, but had never uploaded anything myself before.

Within an hour, it had over 1000 hits, and only about 10 of them were from me hitting refresh. I got these “honours” things where I got-

(Where the FLIP is a hash key on a Mac?!?!?! umm… I had to google it. there is literally a website for it… www.wheresthehashkeyonamac.co.uk/   The answer is “Alt + 3”  Why are Macs so awkward?! Anywhoooooo…)

…Where I got #1 for the day in the comedy charts. After a few hours, I got #1 for the day in the Music charts too. I got a little feature on the front pages as I crept up the charts. Then as time went by I got the honours for the week, then the month etc etc. People subscribed to me. People messaged me and commented. There are currently 826 comments on “Potions Master 101.”

I have never actually bothered to look at the stats before. They’re quite interesting. 6,552 views in the last 30 days… last Alan Rickman upload 2008…

84.5% female audience. Surprise surprise!

Most views in the US, UK, Germany and good old Canada.

After my “one hit wonder” I felt a wee bit of pressure for a follow up – I got messages every other day “when’s the next one, when’s the next one?” – until I caved and made some more. I quickly became a one trick pony, which isn’t cool. The last Alan Rickman video I made was in 2008, and these buggers just keep on getting hits.

I really REALLY had too much time on my hands as a student. I did complete the odd bit of work though; it’s sad that the video I’m most proud of has the least number of hits:

This was part of my Foundation Degree, where I got a 30 second advert completely mute without audio, and I had to replace every single sound. It was so much fun. I even added a bit of funky music at the end. I got dearest Husbind to do the voice over at the end, and he sounds so very Northern. But yeah.. under 100 hits… Bad times… Any video that wasn’t my “niche” went next to nowhere. I mean, christ, what a crap niche!! “Alan Rickman Song-Makererer!”

I’ve decided that if I ever upload something in the future it will be something completely new, not for my lovely audience. Having the views and the responses, and being featured on every nerdy Harry Potter website I visited was really cool at the time, but none of them were as fun to make as my first one; the one that I made without aspiration or hope. The one I made for me.

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