2011 – best year ever.


I’m not quite ready to let go of this year just yet. It was the absolute best of my life so far. The best. Better than I ever anticipated or planned for. It was just life changing.

First of all, I  lost a bit of weight… Until vegas… Then I kinda went up a bit again. No idea why… :/

But still loads better as far as I’m concerned. In the words of Bridget Jones… I will always be a little bit fat!

So the anticipation for Vegas was so exhilarating and motivational- not only was I wearing a dress that was 5 sizes smaller than I was in Jan 2011, I was getting married on my 10 year anniversary to the love of my life (soppy but so true.) I was also organizing a Hen party, a Reception, and the holiday of a life time! And working my butt off in the process. I loved it.

The idea of a sky dive and a bungee jump and the stratosphere was just so exciting to me, it was scarier than anything I’ve ever done before, but as far as I was concerned, I was invincible; I could do anything I wanted. And I did. It was the most amazing feeling. Even better that I got to do it with my best friends.

That feeling of pure happiness and excitement and “togetherness” is something I will hold with me for the rest of my life.

From starting the year being too fat to even DO the bungee jump, I ended it flying off that bridge of my own free will. I still look at this picture and wonder how the hell I did it, for my first jump ever as well. At the same time I know I will do it again some day, in a heart beat.

The wedding. It was terrifying and beautiful and I was so nervous and I think I cried a bit and I loved every second. I was so jubilant afterwards – literally jumping for joy with my best friends! It was all I ever wanted and more. Deciding to get married in Vegas was easily the best decision of my life. I will have these memories with me forever.





After the wedding we went a-travelling, and saw some beautiful places. I really got the bug. I came home not caring about a single thing except our next road trip. It really put things into perspective; bills, everyday life. There are more important things. Really.

What else? The year as a whole was superb, not least because I set outrageous goals for myself and actually achieved them. I still can’t believe it all.

There was hundreds of drunken nights and amazing adventures that have no doubt been shadowed by all the big stuff. I remember the whole year very fondly.

Fuck! I saw Tori Amos. Best gig ever. Just AMAZING.

It ended really great too. I spent a lot of Xmas with Zoe and Dom, actually had a full day with Crease on Xmas day. Oh, and in 2011, I bought my first Mac. Very sexy. I bought way too much stuff. I’m paying for it in 2012!


One of my new year’s resolutions, aside from get rid of this excess winter timber, is to write a blog. So ON TO 2012 WE GO!

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