Sensible (and totally legit) ways to lower your word count

There will come a time in a writer’s life when word count needs to be lowered. Sometimes, verbose creatures that we are, we waffle. Here are some Totally Legit ways to lower your manuscript’s word count.

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A literary love letter to Tana French – AKA GoodReads Roundup July

I read 4 books this month. And… err… 3 of them were Tana French.

She is officially my new Literary Crush. Wow. I could not put her books down at all this month (and the first book I read in August? You guessed it!) I can’t recommend her highly enough. Husbind is currently on book one, and Best Friend is too. I think I might start standing on the corners like a religious nut soon.

The way she writes characters, her description, her courage to take plots away from the normal tropes… If I could ever write something even five percent as good, I’d be a very happy human being.

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The slow insanity that is Product Photography

I love being a professional photographer. I really do. You never know what you’re going to do next. It could be a wedding, or a party, or a puppy photo shoot!

Or… it could be posing eggy pans and Tupperware boxes for fifty hours in a small office going slowly insane.

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My “How I got my agent” story

I used to read these stories all the time during my agent hunt. They used to inspire me and I’d even daydream about writing my own one day. Funny, then, that this has taken almost six months to write! Let’s start with some stats:

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Tips for project-hopping

It isn’t ideal, but at some point in your writing future you’re going to have to project-hop. I have become the reluctant master of this in the past year. Here are some tips to retain your sanity.

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Emily + glue gun + melting crayons = art?

Well, I was the first to assume this would end badly, believe me. Something always goes wrong when I try something creative. I cut up my thumb scrapbooking. I superglued two of my fingers together when I mended a broken chess piece. I left paintless craters in the wall when I made a Polaroid mural (incidentally, this project is to hide that disaster).

I was expecting to have multi-coloured carpets and hot glue instead of eyebrows. But alas… it went quite well! No one died anyway.

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