The Truth – and lies – in writing advice #3

Always show, Never Tell.

FOR – Showing the reader certain things can make the writing more immersive and more emotive and all that other good stuff. Ya know, “my hands were shaking so bad I dropped the banana right by her feet. What an idiot.” is so much more engaging than “I dropped the banana and I felt nervous when The Pretty Girl was disgusted with me.”

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Anniversary post!

Today is my wedding anniversary… and I’m spending it in Bracknell with work. So I thought I’d at least write a blog post about all the fun things I remember from around the time I got married. Fun fact: we got married in Las Vegas in 2011, and way back when that was the whole inspiration for starting this blog. Whodathunkit?

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The truth – and lies – in writing advice #2

Write what you know

For: it makes sense, you know? If you want to write something authentic, what could be better than first hand experience?

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Sensible (and totally legit) ways to lower your word count

There will come a time in a writer’s life when word count needs to be lowered. Sometimes, verbose creatures that we are, we waffle. Here are some Totally Legit ways to lower your manuscript’s word count.

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